About Daniel Lustenberger, Attorney at Law in Exeter, NH

Daniel Lustenberger, Attorney at Law in Exeter, NH, has been licensed to practice law in New Hampshire since 2002. He's a goal-oriented and client-focused attorney who is on your side. He's a plainspoken and honest lawyer who will always be candid with you about your goals and how to best achieve them. Daniel has trial experience in the district and superior courts, along with family divisions for juvenile, abuse, and neglect cases. He also handles quite a few domestic violence cases.

Daniel is licensed to practice in the federal court for the district of New Hampshire and has handled federal criminal matters from violations of supervised releases to significant drug cases, and also DUI cases. His overall philosophy and approach is to make things less complicated and attempt to give every client the opportunity to be heard and have their day in court if that is their wish.

Before he was licensed to practice law in New Hampshire, Daniel worked in the Hillsborough County Attorney's Office as a clerk intern and then as an assistant county attorney in Strafford County prosecuting domestic violence cases. He benefitted from this experience and now as a defense attorney, can quickly identify and focus on an issue at hand and develop a strategy to work with an accused person.

Upon graduation from the University of Maryland in 1993 with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, Daniel returned to New England and worked as a youth counselor at New Hampshire's then existing maximum security unit for juvenile offenders. Daniel can talk to your minor child at his or her level and have at least a comprehensive understanding of not only their legal issue, but perhaps what lead to a particular type of behavior. Daniel will be your child's legal advocate, his or her confidante, and his or her representative.

Daniel is also a graduate of the New Hampshire Police Standards and Training Academy for part-time officer certification. He has arrested people for drug possession and DUI and knows how a police officer arrives at his or her reasonable suspicion and probable cause to make an arrest.

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Daniel served in the United States Army for nearly five years as a cavalry scout and proud member of the 82nd Airborne Division, leaving the service as a sergeant. Daniel is a member of the New Hampshire Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and a life member of Disabled American Veterans. He's also a member of the New Hampshire Bar Association's committee for the delivery of legal service through the Lawyer Referral Service.

His interests include sport fishing and enjoying beaches in general. Being from New England, he also had the opportunity to work on a few different commercial fishing boats from southern Maine to Cape Ann and understands what it means to earn a wage.

Daniel is a sole practitioner known by law enforcement as a straight shooter. His diverse life experience has made him a success at what he does, proudly serving the Portsmouth area.

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