Legal Assistance and Motor Vehicle Law in Exeter, NH

The long-term consequences of a DUI conviction can limit your employment options and may even play a role in shortening your current job. Your auto insurance rates may skyrocket, and you may face financial hardship. Call on Daniel Lustenberger Attorney at Law PLLC for immediate assistance on motor vehicle law in Exeter, NH. We'll put forward the best defense for you.

Motor Vehicle Cases

New Hampshire's Division of Motor Vehicles handles violations caused by speeding, dangerous driving, and collisions. A speeding ticket may involve more than the payment of a fine depending on your age or the number of points on your license. Drivers License suspensions may take effect, and we will assist you in getting back behind the wheel.

DUI Support

Get the support you need from an experienced attorney. We provide a vigorous legal defense for charges related to DUI cases, conduct after an accident, disobeying an officer, reckless and negligent operation or operation after a suspension, license restoration, and habitual offenses.

Motor Vehicle Law in Exeter, NH


More employers are doing background checks before they hire employees. Do you have a criminal record containing dated offenses from many years ago? Your record may be able to be expunged in what is called a criminal conviction annulment. Schedule a consultation so we can discuss your case and proceed with steps to complete the annulment.